A Few Words About Youth Coach Global



Youth Coach Global Inc. was founded by International Youth Coach & Speaker, Rob Stringer, BA, BEd, CPC in 2010, and works closely with our sister company to Youth Coach Canada, a registered non-profit organization.


Youth Coach Global helps kids, teens, and young adults meet with success by making professional life coaching services, programs, and resources available to youth aged 11-21 around the world.


Whereas most companies focus on supporting adults, Youth Coach Global's main focus is dedicated to empowering today's youth—teaching them powerful skills to succeed both now and into the future. These skills support several key areas: academic success, youth leadership & entrepreneurship, as well as self-esteem & risk-taking.


Youth Coach Global's mission is simple: to help today's youth lead lives they LOVE by making affordable coaching services available to them--at home, at school, where ever! "It's not about raising super-stars, but rather giving regular kids the skills and support they need to succeed," says YCG's Founder & Professional Coach, Rob Stringer, "Many of today's youth are in serious need of strategies & support to deal with stress, fears, and failures. However, in the past, parents didn't know where to turn."


Stepping up to fill the need, Youth Coach Global offers a variety of support options. Parents can sign their kids up to: work with a certified professional coach and/or complete one of our exciting programs. Parents and other adults can also sign up for programs and evening workshops geared to teach them coaching skills to use at home. Youth Coach Global also works with local schools, District School Boards, Faculties of Education, and youth-focused organizations offering in-school workshops, empowering motivational talks to students, staff, and parents, and more.

Why Choose YCG?



Our clients & customers all agree, our staff are professional, knowledgeable, and are successful in helping them achieve the goals & results they desire. If you're serious about growth and/or change, we're here to help!



All of our Coaches have received certification from accredited coach training institutions, and adhere to strict privacy / confidentiality policies (akin to those of doctors). As well, our North American coaches all undergo police checks before joining our Team.



We offer a WIDE variety of options including both F2F and online coaching services & workshops; 30min-60min sessions; flexible scheduling; individual & group coaching programs; "lunch & learn", daytime, after-school, evening workshops and more..

Meet Our Coaches:


Thomas Labelle (CANADA) Thomas is a Career Practitioner and Family School Liaison in Calgary, Alberta. He has extensive experience working with young people as a Career Advisor/Coach at both the secondary and post secondary levels. Thomas believes that todays’ youth are incredibly talented and resilient, and feels honoured to help individuals realize and reach their full potential. Thomas holds a graduate certificate in Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria (CEC), and is Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP). He is an active member of the Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA), member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the Calgary Association of Professional Coaches (CAPC)



Danusia Lapinski (CANADA). Danusia is a Professional and Personal Certified Coach (PPCC), creative arts therapist (MA), teacher (B.Ed), and mother of two. For the past 20 years, Danusia engaged passionately in her fields of work with youth, parents and educators in Canada and around the world. Some of these experiences included running various experiential teen travel programs around the globe and directing the Montreal Children’s Theatre School in Montreal, Canada. Danusia currently offers counseling and coaching services for youth, parents and educators individually or in groups; as well as training opportunities for educational and organizational teams. She continues to inspire, motivate, guide and support others to tap into their highest potential and use it to achieve personal and professional success!



Sonia McMahon-Comartin (CANADA). Sonia is a Professional Life Coach and Bereavement Support Specialist. She has a genuine interest in personal growth and development, and is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others. Sonia has facilitated Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” course, and is also a Certified Leader for the “Developing Capable People” program, which is designed for parents, educators, and other concerned adults who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children and teens. She obtained her Psychology degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, her Grief & Bereavement Studies Certificate from the University of Western Ontario, and her Co-Active Coaches Accreditation from the Coaches Training Institute.



Rob Stringer (CANADA). As an award-winning educator and International Parenting & Youth Coach, Rob Stringer BA, BEd, CPC has spent almost two decades helping kids, teens, and adults meet with success, and live lives they LOVE!. Although based outside of Toronto Ontario, Rob's coaching practice is global, with clients across Canada, the United States, Australia, and Asia. Published in parenting journals across North America, Rob also appears on TV and radio, speaks at conferences, and is the Founder of Parenting With Intention, Youth Coach Global, and Youth Coach Canada. Rob is a graduate of The International Coach Academy (ICA), a Member in Good Standing of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a past Director of Communications for the Toronto Chapter of the ICF (ICF-GTA), a recipient of the Prime Minister's Award of Teaching Excellence (1996), and has taught for The Hamilton-Wentworth DSB in Hamilton, Ontario for the past 22 years.


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Caroline Wu Beloe (CHINA). Caroline is a Certified Professional Coach. Before specializing in coaching, she worked in corporate banking and consulting for 15 years. Her international experience from working and living in five different countries made her truly believe that having the skills and experience to observe and understand the values and perspective of ourselves and other cultures is central to successfully leading an international organization.

Caroline’s learning path and career transition from finance to coaching is her “dream come true”. Her passion is to support personal development for her international clients, including third culture kids. As a mother of 2 children, she understands the power of connecting and inspiring young people in a mindful way. She deeply believes that mindful parenting is essential to the long-term health and wellbeing of the whole family.




Dina El Nahas (EGYPT). Dina is a passionate Certified Professional Coach from International Coach Academy, Associate Certified Coach from ICF, Certified Practitioner (7 Habits for Highly Effective People) from Franklyn Covey, and currently finishes her doctoral studies on Educational Leadership from Walden University. Dina has a diversified experience in several fields for 20 years and is passionate about coaching and supporting people to reach their dreams and take action steps in their lives. Dina believes in the education sector because it’s an emerging sector that develops the humans (youngsters and adults) to reach the utmost skills and attitudes needed in nowadays communications. Dina is a passionate Youth, Family and Educators coach who believes in making difference in others lives.




Zahra Taqi (Kuait). Zahra is a Certified Professional Coach, Speech Language Pathologist, and the President of Milestones Coaching. She comes from a very diverse background, having been born and raised in Kuwait, and also lived in the USA, and Japan. Zahra brings this diversity to her coaching, with so much passion to hear her client’s stories and help them reach their goals and lead happier, richer lives. She has worked with families from different backgrounds and challenges on various issues, such as dealing with children with disabilities, reaching therapy goals, behavioral challenges, and many other issues facing parents today. She worked as a speech pathologist in Kuwait before moving with her family to Japan. Zahra earned her BS from Northeastern University and her coaching accreditation from the International Coach Academy.



United States of America

Divya Parekh (USA). Divya is a Certified Career Leadership Coach (credentialed through ICF), Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Information Product Developer and Head Career Coach leading the career coaching community for the International Coach Academy (ICA). She loves helping emerging leaders, social entrepreneurs, teams, individuals and youth harness the power of their strengths and passions to master insights that allows them to perform and succeed at the highest level. Believing that all youth are leaders, she partners with them to achieve clarity and focus with regards to existing or new career paths, develop plans, stay on track, and maximize the time and resources invested in career management.



Daisy Tse (USA). Daisy is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who specialises in Leadership and Creativity Coaching. She deeply cares for the development of creativity and great leadership in the future generations. She believes that every one is a leader in their own right, and this includes children and youth. Her philosophy is that, you can only lead others if you can first lead yourself. Daisy's coaching style has been described as relaxed and refreshing, sharp and shining, motivating and energising, helping her clients to see new lights and new directions in challenging situations, empowering them to be a “Sparkling Young Leader”. As a mother of two pre-teens, Daisy knows the journey as a parent, but she also understand the journey of young people from the tremendous insights she gained from her children and from the young people she mentored and coached.



Current Country Listing of Associate Coaches:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Kuait
  • United States of America