Resources for Coaches & Facilitators

Looking to Grow Your Coaching Practice?

Get in front of more potential clients?

Position yourself as a knowledgeable expert?

Build additional streams of income?


Then check out these options:

  • Ready-to-Go Workshops ...

    Save weeks of time designing, researching, testing, and fine-tuning your own workshops, and simply choose from our ever-expanding list of high-quality workshops specially designed to be presented to youth and/or parental audiences. Start by choosing one workshop, and add more as needed. Curernt titles include:


    • * The SOS (Stressed Out Student) Solution
    • * Know Your Brain, Chance Your Life
    • * The Art of Possibility
    • * Conflict Management
    • * The Optimistic Child


  • Workshops can be licensed for as little as $349CAN each (one-time fee).
    (Discounts are available when licensing multiple workshops.)

    Easily Access the Workshop Files & Resources

    Once you choose your workshop(s), you will have almost immediate access to all the related files you need to run the workshop(s). These include: PowerPoint slideshow, speaker’s notes, handouts, a marketing flyer, and a training video. These files can be accessed in the Youth Coach U membership site.

  • Online Training

    Unlike other companies that license materials, where you pay your money and are left to figure out everything on your own, we do our best to help support your success. To get you started, you can access online training videos that will allow you to see and hear how Youth Coach Global Founder, Rob Stringer leads the workshops when he’s presenting. You also have access to a set of speaker’s notes for each workshop–a script / guide of what you might say (before personalizing it with your own stories and examples).

  • Ability to "White Label" Workshops

    Trying to build your own brand? Then remove our logos and add your own! Also known as “while labeling,” we allow all of our workshops to be modifed and personalized to best meet local need.


Mentoring ...

Work 1-on-1 with Youth Coach Global Founder, Rob Stringer, and receive mentoring and access to additional resources to help you establish / grow your coaching practice.


Some mentoring programs lock you in for 3-12 months and often require a second mortgage on your house. Here at Youth Coach Global, we've designed a Mentorship program with the new coach in mind. Our program is totally flexible--allowing you to meet online or F2F regularly or simply when you need some extra support AND one that won't break the bank--starting as low as $599CAN.


The Best of Both Worlds ...

Want to hit the ground running? Then why not sign up for our Workshop + Mentoring Combo.


Choose one (or more) of our high-quality workshop and add to that direct support and guidance via our Mentorship Program. Gain further insights into marketing, program / workshop development, client aquisition, or anything else you require to help grow your coaching practice.


You can license a workshop and receive 3hrs of private mentoring for as little as $599CAN. Are you an ICA (International Coach Academy) graduate? Ask about our ICA Alumni discount!


Interested? Have questions? Call the office, or send us an email with your questions and/or to arrange a call.







Interested? Have questions?
Call the office, or send us an email with your questions and/or to arrange a call.