Online Courses

Knowing not everyone can attend our F2F workshops, we are beginning to move some of our workshops into an online format. We currently are using the as our delivery platform. For more information on each course, and/or to enroll, click on the links below.


Parenting with Intention:

Your 12-part guide to developing a parenting action plan


A 12-part self-paced course on creating a parenting action plan. Learn ways to define your parenting & family goals, identify & overcome roadblocks, strengthen your "inner expert", and discover solutions that are right for you as you author a personalized success plan for you and your children. (12-25 hour course) $35.



The Optimistic Child:

Fostering Optimism & Resilience in Your Child


What dreams and aspirations do you hold for your children? If you’re like most great parents you likely include things like: to be eager to learn and willing to confront challenges; be proud of their own accomplishments; grow up with confidence & a love of adventure; and be resilient in the face of the setbacks and failures. But with one in five teens experiencing depression, it would appear many parents were not successful. Based on the book, The Optimistic Child, by Martin P. Seligman, Ph.D., this course shows you how to teach your children the skills of optimism—helping them to achieve more both at school and in life. $35.