Within today's youth is a unique magnificence—a possibility to live into. However all too often barriers or fears cover this up, keeping both the teen and world from seeing the brilliance which lies within. Our job as parents, educators, and coaches is to help remove these barriers and allow today's youth to achieve success.


Youth Coach Global works directly with youth, parents and educators — offering professional guidance, tools, and strategies to help teens, and young adults rise above today's limitations and live lives they LOVE!


Discover the Possibilities

Transform your thoughts and transform your life. Interestingly enough, usually it is not the circumstances in our lives but our thoughts about them that usually hold us back. Youth Coach Global's programs and workshops teach youth many things including how to:


  • conquer self-limiting thoughts
  • overcome fears
  • identify & build on existing strengths
  • develop new skills
  • create a vision for the future & design a plan to get there
  • ... as well as the art of possibility — empowering practices to nurture optimism & self-esteem.


Youth Coach Global Can Help


  • Do you know a teen or young adult who is struggling with school, behaviour, family issues, or another aspect of his/her life?
  • Do you work with youth and are looking to expand your toolbox of effective strategies?
  • Are you an employer or organization looking for ways to support your employees or members?


Specializing in academic success, youth leadership, and personal development, Youth Coach Global offers a variety of support including workshops, private and group coaching, keynote addresses, and more. To find out more about these services, use the menu bar above.






"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job as our keynote speaker. The messages you brought to our grade 7 and 8 students are timely and important." — Shawn M., Falgarwood School


"Your enthusiasm is obvious and appreciated. I would definitely attend another of your workshops!"— Stephani M.


"I think in order to be a great coach you need to be an expert and it was obvious during our conversation that you are both"— Denise Marek, Host of First Take Live (CHEX TV)


"Great tips on how to improve our parenting skills, especially on how to plan, measure and ACHIEVE our goals. " — Hong D.


"Very interesting and informative." — Charlene W.


"Great information that I will be able to USE!" — Sandra C.


"Great topics. Not only did I learn new things, but you also made me feel good about the things I have been doing." — Marlene G.


"You've encouraged us to take time to clarify our goals and work together for our daughter." — Lyn H.


"I like how you bring practical applications to the theories."— Michelle S.


"Great workshop! I was able to learn a lot about myself today as well as some things I can use in my class."—Jodi G.


"A+ ... you really opened my eyes."—Sarah B.