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About Youth Coach Global

Youth Coach Global Inc. was founded by International Youth Coach, Educator & Speaker, Rob Stringer, BA, BEd, PCC in 2010.  

Youth Coach Global helps kids, teens, and young adults meet with success by making professional life coaching services, programs, and resources available to youth aged 11-21 around the world.  

Whereas most companies focus on supporting adults, Youth Coach Global’s main focus is dedicated to empowering today’s youth—teaching them powerful skills to succeed both now and into the future. These skills support several key areas: academic success, career exploration, youth leadership, as well as self-esteem & risk-taking.  

Youth Coach Global’s mission is simple: to help today’s youth lead lives they LOVE by making affordable coaching services available to them–at home, at school, where ever! “It’s not about raising super-stars, but rather giving regular kids the skills and support they need to succeed,” says YCG’s Founder & Professional Coach, Rob Stringer, “Many of today’s youth are in serious need of strategies & support to deal with stress, fears, and failures. However, in the past, parents didn’t know where to turn.”  

Stepping up to fill the need, Youth Coach Global offers a variety of support options. Parents can sign their kids up to: work with a certified professional coach and/or complete one of our exciting programs. Parents and other adults can also sign up for programs and evening workshops geared to teach them coaching skills to use at home. Youth Coach Global also works with local schools, District School Boards, Faculties of Education, and youth-focused organizations offering in-school workshops, empowering motivational talks to students, staff, and parents, and more.

About the Founder, Rob Stringer

Rob Stringer is a Professional Youth Coach, award-winning Educator, and Speaker with clients around the world. With three decades of experience working with families, Rob provides coaching services and resources that help youth & parents achieve greater success and happiness both now and in the future. As the founder of Youth Coach Global, Rob also designs and delivers workshops to parents and organizations, as well as mentoring/training other coaches. For the last 10+ years, Rob has also been a Trainer at the International Coach Academy (ICA)–helping to train and mentor new coaches from around the world.

Rob is a father of two, and lives with his wife and their rescue dog, Bear, in Binbrook, Ontario, Canada. Rob also enjoys cooking, travel, music, reading, writing, and astronomy.

For more information, visit RobStringer.com


Rob Stringer BA, B.Ed, PCC