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KEY #1: Mighty Mindset Mastery

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The WayFinder Program consists of FIVE key areas of focus. Learn more about each “key” to unlocking success for most teens and young adults …

Key #1: Mighty Mindset Mastery

Everyone, deep down, wants to be proud of their lives and feel like they are important.

Faith can overcome any obstacle and help achieve any goal … and story is the path to creating that faith, so … we harness the power of story. We explore the stories your teen is telling themselves—about who they are, and what the want to achieve—in school, at home, in life. We help them to get clear or start a personal vision for themselves—one that supports positive action and outcomes.

Mighty Mindset Mastery also helps them to become aware of the power of their thoughts. It shows them how to become aware of their “self-talk” and determine if their thinking is “holding them up”, or “holding them back”, and what to do about it. They learn to recognize and change-out limiting beliefs about themselves or situations for ones that will support them.

Changing the way you think about yourself and situations can completely transform how how you feel and what you do (or don’t do). Mighty Mindset Mastery is about helping your teen understand and leverage the power of their thoughts.

The result?

Fears are lessened or disappear. Procrastination & perfectionism can be dialed-down or even banished for good!


We had a Client who was fully prepared to fail a class—lose a credit—because he was refusing to do the final project, which involved standing up and presenting in front of the class. There was a fear there, and lots of beliefs about what he knew “was going to happen”. He was scared of being judged and made fun of by his classmates. He wasn’t willing to risk it. Better to fail than be made a fool, he thought. But after learning and then applying some techniques to help take control of his thoughts and change his thinking, he went from, “No way!” to “I can do that! That’s easy!” and went on to earn his credit. Oh, did I mention that failing this class would have also meant delaying his graduation as well?


A 14yr old female client told me one day there as no point in talking about her relationship with her Mom, because she had “tried everything!” It was impossible.

I acknowledged her perspective (not that I agreed with her), and quickly thought, what can I show her that seems impossible, but for which there is a solution? And I got it—a simple 9-dot logic puzzle I knew–a brainteaser.

I asked her if she’d like to try a puzzle and she agreed. She started trying to solve it but then started to get frustrated. She turned to me and said, “You’re tricking me, aren’t you. This puzzle doesn’t have a solution, does it.”

I replied, “Oh, you think it’s impossible—kind of like you and your Mom?”

“YES!” she replied, “this is EXACTLY like me and my Mom,” smiling at me as she thought she had seen through my deception.

“Would you like me to show you how to solve it?” She looked at me, then nodded. I proceeded to show her not one, but several ways to solve the puzzle.

Without missing a beat, she looked at me, then back to the answer on the paper, and then back at me and said, “Ok, so how do we solve this thing with my Mom?” Needless to say, inside my head, I was like, “YES!!!!” imagining my hands in the air.

In a span of only a couple minutes, a long-held belief evaporated in her mind, and she was now willing to explore possibilities.

Impossible doesn’t have to mean unsolvable, it just means the solution isn’t in sight.

We are constantly telling ourselves stories to make sense of the world around us … and words are powerful.

We need to teach kids how to master their thinking, their stories, and realize they have a choice …

They can cast themselves as powerless or a victim, or believe they are hero of their own story.

The fundamental key missed by most experts and programs? Your teen must first BELIEVE before they can ACHIEVE—because, if they don’t, the little voice inside their head will drown out yours almost every time.