Workshops & Keynotes

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Workshops & Keynotes for Adults

Youth Coach Global (YCG) is proud to offer a variety of exciting workshops designed to inform and engage caring adults in their children’s mental well-being, and ultimate success in school and life.

Each is ninety (90) minutes in length, and designed to be delivered to large or small groups. Starting at just $450, they offer tremendous value and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. We now also offer selected workshops in an online/webinar format–a great pandemic option or add-on to allow parents who cannot attend the F2F workshops to still access the information & resources.

  • Interactive, engaging, and informative 
  • Handouts/resources provided 
  • Delivered by professional coaches
  • All topics and times can be tailored to best suit the needs of the audience 
  • Can be delivered to small groups (up to 20 online) or large groups F2F when permitted 
  • Perfect for organizations, schools, churches, or simply a group of friends 
  • Can also be customized for a “lunch and learn” event at your office or facility
  • 60-90min workshops start at $450 … or have us come in and plan an entire day!

Here are just some of the titles and topics. Call or email for additional details, or to discuss custom topics designed specifically for your group:

  • The Motivation Masterclass. Struggling to get your kids/teens to go to school or show interest in their classes? Are threats, punishment and bribes simply not working or affecting relationships? This workshop will dispel myths about motivation and share research-based strategies to improve motivation and increase interest in school and beyond. 
  • The Happiness Advantage. This workshop explores key principles of positive psychology to help increase levels of success and happiness in our kids, families and selves. Includes research-based findings and activities by positive psychology gurus like Martin Seligman, Shawn Achor, and more. These strategies have already supported countless students, teachers and parents. Walk away with strategies you can use today!
  • The Optimistic Child/Teen: Fostering Optimism & Resilience in Your Child. how to teach your children the skills of optimism, helping them to achieve more both at school and in life. Learn about the fundamentals of optimism & pessimism, how to measure your child’s level of optimism, and strategies to boost your child’s ability to combat depression and come back from failure. 
  • The S.O.S (Stressed Out Student) Solution. Student stress continues to make headlines! Research has shown that high or continuous levels of stress can affect brain development in young children, as well as interfere with motivation, attention, memory, and the entire learning process. While some level of stress is normal and even desirable, our children need to be taught effective strategies to manage and reduce stress for success. In this informative and interactive workshop as we examine how to help children better understand and manage their stress—building resiliency and capacity for life. 
  • Understanding Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities. The many faces of learning disabilities can often be confusing to families who live with them. This workshop provides a clear introduction to non-verbal learning disabilities, and discusses a range of strategies to help parents address and manage a range of issues. 
  • Ask the Coach. Don’t have a specific topic in mind but want to give your group the opportunity to get live real-time coaching on the topics they bring? Hold an “Ask the Coach” workshop to gain access to an experienced professional coach, and walk away with greater awareness of what’s getting in the way and what to do about it.
  • The WayFinder Way. Learn the fundamentals at the heart of our signature coaching programs. The WayFinder framework includes: Mighty Mindset Mastery, Success Mapping, Strengths & Styles Discovery, Strategic Action Secrets, and Strategic Review & Celebration. Get knowledge and strategies to support your kids/teens and yourself both now and into the future. (Can also be adapted to a full-day or a multi-day workshop.)



  1. Invite us into your school. Evening workshops offered through local schools are our most requested option. Some schools also use our workshops as a fund-raiser or have a local business sponsor the event.
  2. Invite us into your place of work or business. Studies have shown that stressed or unhappy employees take more sick days a year–up to 15 more! Help your staff reduce family-related stress by having us come in and share tips and strategies with them. Workshops can be tailored to a “lunch & learn” format, or offered during the workday or evening as part of your staff wellness program.
  3. Invite us into your home. Have a group of friends, neighbours, or coworkers who would love to attend an event? Consider having us present in your home. Split the cost and make a night of it–workshop, wine, and appetizers. Now THAT’S a fun way to learn. Even virtually, there will still be lots of laughter, and only you’ll know what is in your glass.

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