The PathFinder Program

for Parents/Adults Working with Teens (Part 2)


Taking Your Skills & Knowledge to the Next Level …

What if you could (again) experience a teen who is:

  • visibly happier
  • more resilient when problems/stressors present themselves
  • achieving better results in school
  • aware of their strengths and how to use them to support success
  • less likely to be led astray by peer pressure

… and what about you? Imagine how great life could be with:

  • less stress and worry about your teen (both now and about the future)
  • better/stronger relationship with your teen–not always arguing or “on their back”
  • fewer disagreements with your partner about the right way to handle things
  • Less lost or interrupted workdays due to phone calls from or meetings at the school
  • Better nights’ sleep

Is that something you want or would love to have?


Enter The WayFinder System …

The WayFinder System is at the heart of both out WayFinder Program (for Teens) and PathFinder Program (for Adults). It consists of FIVE key areas of focus:

1. Mighty Mindset Mastery

We explore the stories your teen is telling themselves—about who they are, and what the want to achieve—in school, at home, in life. We show you how to help them to get clear or start a personal vision for themselves—one that supports positive action and outcomes.

Mighty Mindset Mastery also helps them to become aware of the power of their thoughts. We can show you how to help them become aware of their “self-talk” and determine if their thinking is “holding them up”, or “holding them back”, and what to do about it.

2. Success Mapping

Vision is the starting point of all high performance—it’s always easier to hit a target you can see. Having a clear vision of “success” (however you define it) provides a guidance system / clarity to know if you’re on-course, off-course or lost. We’ll show you how to help your teen develop personalized visions for their life, school experience, etc. including how to recognize and define known barriers and roadblocks.

3. Strengths & Styles Discovery

Key #3 focuses on helping teens discover their signature strengths, along with ways to use/leverage them in daily activities, and preferer learning styles.

4. Strategic Action Secrets

In this section you’ll learn about emotional intelligence (recognizing & managing emotions in ourselves and others), secrets for improved focus, goal setting, and scheduling/time management.

5. Strategic Review & Celebration

This final area will give you a process to help your teen score their weekly actions and results–to determine if they were on-course, off-course, or “lost”. We’ll also explore the topic of celebration and easy ways to add this vital component to their activities and lives.

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This unique self-paced program includes:

  • Unlimited access to the training portal containing pre-recorded coaching classes & related resources
  • Access to strategies and training using our unique WayFinder training system including: Mindset Mastery, Success Mapping, Strengths & Styles Discovery, Strategic Action Secrets!
  • Access to our Best School Year Yet! Online Community
  • 3 months access to our PathFinder Success Club, with live weekly coaching/support calls with Rob Stringer
  • PLUS some AMAZING bonus content!