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KEY #3: Strengths & Styles Discovery

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Key #3: Strengths & Styles Discovery

Over the last 20yrs, a lot of research has been conducted in the field of positive psychology, and the findings are exciting!

What one activity has been scientifically proven and peer reviewed to decrease symptoms of anxiety & depression, and increase motivation? Helping people to discover, understand and use their signature strengths! We all have them—they are the strengths that we typically use on a regular or even daily basis. When we engage them, our activities seem more meaningful and enjoyable—work doesn’t feel like work, and we may even lose track of time.

Key #3 focuses on helping teens discover their signature strengths, along with ways to use/leverage them in daily activities.

I’ve seen the difference it can make first-hand in classrooms—helping students of all ages understand and engage their signature strengths—helping to make “boring” or “difficult” subjects or activities more enjoyable or easier. It’s an approach that has also been adopted by private schools around the world—giving their students a more positive educational experience

For you, the best part of YOUR teen using their signature strengths will mean less need for Mom or Dad to pester or coerce. 

Another reason many teens struggle—with grades falling short of expected levels, and studying and test prep feeling like torture …

They have yet to discover / understand their preferred learning style(s):

  • Ever tried to explain something to your son/daughter and they’re like, “I don’t get it!” even though it’s perfectly clear to you?
  • You’ve shared the strategies that worked for you in school, only to find they don’t seem to work for your kids, or are met with resistance?
  • It’s likely you have a different learning style or preferences than they do!

Every single time I run learning styles workshops for parents (where I have them complete a learning skills assessment), there are ALWAYS parents who exclaim, “Oooh! Now I get it!” when they realize THEIR preferences are not automatically passed down by birth.

Once they are aware of their preferences, they can:

  • use/leverage them in daily activities
  • and advocate for themselves in class

Knowledge gives your teen more power over their learning. Once again, they’ll be:

  • happier
  • less stressed
  • more motivated to do the work
  • more likely get higher results

As well, there is great value in helping your teen Identify a “success team”—people in their life they can turn to for support

It could be you, another relative, teachers, other trusted adults, friends—anyone they could go to for support … helping them realize, they are not alone.

Detailed information about Keys 4 & 5 will be posted soon. Check back, or contact us to explore if the program is a good fit for the teen(s) in your life.